Donohook - Frequently Asked Questions

How To Start Accepting Donations

The setup to get your donations starting is simple, here are the steps:

  • Add the bot to your server using this link.
  • Type $set to see everything you can customize! But you just need to set your PayPal email for users to donate.
  • Type $set email [Your Email] | for example: $set email [email protected].
  • That's it! You are now accepting donations. Users in your server can type $donate to get their donation link and donate!


Using $set you can customize many things, here is an explanation on what each parameter changes:

  • $set email - your PayPal email that donations will be sent to.
  • $set title - Your donation page title (also shows in $donate)
  • $set description - Your donation page description (also shows in $donate)
  • $set banner - the large banner image that will show on the donation page.
  • $set role - the default roles that donators will get. If you have packs, the user will get the role from the pack + the one you set here.
  • $set channel - where donations will be announced, in additional to the owner's DMs.
  • $set invite - the invite code that will be shown on the donation page for users to join your server.
  • $set minimum - the minimum donation amount if you haven't set any packs.
  • $set private - 1 will hide the total amount of USD you got from donations in $donate. 0 will enable it back.
  • $set webhook - mainly for developers, we'll curl this link every donation with $_GET information about the donation. For a PHP example DM me


Packs will allow you to sell multiple roles for different prices.
Type $packadd to add a pack, you will have to specify the pack's parameters:
$packadd -name [Pack Name] -description [Pack Description] -role [Role Name] -min [Minimum Donation Amount] -max [Maximum Donation Amount] -msg [Message On Purchase] -image [Pack Image URL]
You can also remove a pack by typing $packremove [Pack Number].


Type $panel to get a link to your Panel.
If someone found your link and you don't want them to be able to use it, just type $panel again to regenerate the token.
You can find the following things there:

  • A graph of your earnings this month (per day).
  • A graph of your earnings this year (per month).
  • A detailed list of all of your donations (sortable and searchable).

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